22th to 27th sept 09   |  Español

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photos of Symposium


Open Tech

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The technological revolution that we are currently facing, brought about principally because of significant advances in microelectronics, computing, robotics and communication networks, is constructing a society which has the internet flowing through its veins. Intelligent communication systems that facilitate precise information in our homes when we're out in our cars or walking etc. The technology tends to be ubiquitous and non-intrusive. We cannot see the great changes that are about to take place and yet they raise several questions and cultural and social problems concerning such issues as the digital gap that will make it more difficult for the development of humanity to be sustainable.  

Future Now aims to become an Observatory of Future for the analysis of more advanced ideas and proposals developed within the Arts, Digital Culture and Innovation. It will propose collaborative strategies that will allow us to design and direct our future, minimising the problems of technological adaptation and making it more widely understood and creatively utilised. To think of the opportunities that there are to construct a society that is more cohesive, democratic and free.

a) Lectures, Abstracts and  Presentations.

b) Debates and round tables public.