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International Call 2012

María Cañas
Sevilla. Spain

Project: Mi lucha

Three Olympians sprayed his eternal boredom by choosing from among the mass of humanity to a man, that give power to all. The man called Adolf Hitler and the rest ... well, the rest is history.

My struggle, your struggle, the struggle of all trace, making our name an adjective (eg, the mechanism, ahem), this is what this video.

We all know that Hitler was a human being self-conscious and mediocre that mutated into monster and used the springboard of the Third Reich to try to dominate from the "Olympus Teutonic" the whole universe. My struggle reflects that we are nothing, only Fear and Trembling, grotesque and involucionados monkeys encountered again and again with one stone.

tag: videoart
  Marta Burugorri Larequi
Barcelona. Spain

Project: Shabbat Shalom / Sinónimos Espasa de Bolsillo

For this call, present a work consisting of 2 videos. "Pocket Thesaurus Espasa" & "Shabbat Shalom". The two pieces are made in Jerusalem and are based on two books respectively: a dictionary of synonyms and the Torah [or laws for the Jewish daily life]. Carefully reading each book and making a little "twist" from the guidelines established each, I have carried out several actions from domestic content.

Using those practices incorporated into my everyday use humor to bring them to the limit and play with what we consider or interpret it as absurd. I research on cultural patterns made ​​in specific situations in order to raise or visualize certain human behaviors. Given my subjetive register by means of unconscious association between actions real situation I imagined that occurs before you laugh, the partnership structure that takes place in the symbolic world and that part of the comedian.

tag: videoart
Megan Moncrief
Brooklyn. New York. USA

Project: Prelude

This work, by audiovisual artist lazurite, is assembled from manipulated public domain found footage and my own animated overlays.
Please note that this piece is intentionally low resolution; its intent is to construct a hazy, immersive environment from light, pattern, and sound.

tag: videoart
Miguel Parra-Urrutia
Paris. Franciae

Project: El Despertar

The human condition should result in humans desire,the energy needed to take a walk, without limits. In the territories of truth, where no maps, which not exist, references, where is nothing more than silence

tag: videoart

Miguel Soler
Sevilla / S C Tenerife. Spain

Project: Basado en Hechos Reales

El cine comercial continúa siendo uno de los grandes ejes de la industria del entretenimiento, siempre acompañado por los trailers y demás artefactos promocionales como los pósters, displays tridimensionales, etc. Miguel Soler (Sevilla, 1975) ha construido este proyecto titulada Basado en Hechos Reales tergiversando esos artefactos. consiste en una suerte de trailers que el artista los ha elaborado haciendo uso de las técnicas del found footage (metraje encontrado) y del supercut (súpercorte), en la que se realizan vertiginosos montajes utilizando clips de vídeos de corta duración que obsesivamente se aíslan de su elemento fuente. En este caso extraídos únicamente de diferentes noticiarios de todo el mundo, que el artista ha estado captando y archivando en los últimos meses y reinventando sus emisiones, usando los recursos habituales en la promoción de las películas y re-contruyendo unos hechos que pueden ser tan ciertos o ficticios como los presentados en los noticiarios.

tag: videoart
Muriel Montini
Paris. France

Project: Constellation

A bear in the zoo. A bear out of the world.

tag: videoart
Nataliya Petkova
Quebec. Canada

Project: GRAV_1_TY

Grav1ty is a spontaneous and dynamic auto-portrait, generated by the physical body shivering in front of a prepared web camera (in the sense of John Cage), and the instant interpretation of the heart of the computer. As result, the visitor makes the experience of a vibrating, atomized, worried, and etheric scene of the simple being of a face, whose every spasm is captured and amplified. It is the visual synthesis of the eye of the machine and the physical presence of a troubled body.

tag: videoart
  Noa Nahari
Prague. Czech Republic

Project: X

Ecstasy is a personal subjective experience of total concentration on a subject or an object.
This concentration is not considered to be “normal” in regular  life, ecstasy is a changing of awareness. During this change we are in a state of low awareness to the surrounding. Ecstasy
can be reached through religious or creative activities,meditation, music, dancing, breathing exercises, physical activity , sex or by using drugs. The way a person achive ecstasy is usually associated with his/her religious and/or cultural tradition.

In the Video Art the three characters [each character performs a completely different act than the ] are trying to reach a moment of change, with their eyes wide open,looking directly to us and sharing a moment of great intimacy from a shift of energy through transcendence to a point of release.

tag: videoart
Pablo Rosero
Quito. Ecuador

Project: ~ Liv

The project proposes ~ Liv coexistence between sound and visual object on the premise of non-dialogue between the two languages ​​and using different ways of signifying relationships and conflicts that can be found experimenting with the superposition of these two worlds.

tag: videoart
Ramón Churruca & Manuel Ortega Lasaga
Mar Cantábrico. Spain

Anomalía Anormal

The proyAntinatural, aberrant and irregular deviation from the normal or common order, form or rule ... and we're.

Produce by and
Distribution Company: Bariain Producciones

tag: videoart
Roser Teresa Gerona Ribas [rrose®present]
Barcelona. Spain

Project: Museo

"Art is volatilized in ether aesthetic" Yves Michaud
"Museum": From the white cube of modernism, through the Black boxs of the media age, the container of "theoretical air" building "expanded experience" for the post of tourism media-cultural capitalism.
The value of the substance has been replaced by the value of its performative representation and museums as we sell our shares to bank credit, as an act of faith, the assumptions contained.

tag: videoart
  Russell Chartier & Paul Botelho

Project: CONFINED 10-01-2 & Devil on a Dam

tag: videoart
Barcelona. Spain

Project: ¿Hasta hora todo esta bien?

The averages show us a picture of reality retrocida ... and fragmented ... dependent on political power to power ... the reality of the people is another ....

tag: videoart
  Silvia Cacciatori Filloy
Montevideo. Uruguay

Project: Los pajaritos cantaban

Body, experience and memory. Experimental video made ​​from a uterine ultrasound that I did in 2005. The sound consists of singing birds and the original audio of ultrasound.

tag: videoart
Sonia Laura Armaniaco Aka Svonica
Genova. Italia

Project: Tale of Suspensus serie

Narrative tension that remains effective even when uncertainty is neutralized - Paradoxes

tag: videoart
Su Hyun Nam
Chicago. USA

Project: Woven Milieu

“What are you filming? You seem to look out on nothing. ” When I make a video of trees, a few of people come to me and talk to me like that. Even there’s a gigantic tree in front of my camcorder. In this city, people does not care the presence of trees. For me, trees’ regular but irregular magical shapes are the most outstanding in this city. Also, I see the invisible string, which links me with trees, in terms of the weak presence in this city.

As I confront trees to capture their images, I could hear what I’ve never heard, see what I’ve never seen, and think what I’ve never thought. For several hours I am opposite trees, numerous people and cars were passing by us. Even though people in the city might not notice the presence of tress, they have been watching everything around them, like personal events, accidents and crime. They might remember all. As standing at the same place, the trees there not only witness those but also weave and bind people passing by.

tag: videoart
Tamara Lai
Liège. Belgique

Project: UrbAngs

Urban anguishes, Fear in town
Loneliness, Precariousness, Stress, Indifference..

tag: videoart
Tanja Vujinovic
Ljubljana. Slovenia

Project: Pulpa.rgb.2

Audio-visual works Pulpa generate a continuous flux of abstract and enigmatic data streams. The starting point for the visual layers is a red, green and blue image matrix for Pulpa.rgb, and a black and white image matrix for, while the sound is generated from the test signals. These works allow us to observe this process in real time and witness the soft dissolution of amorphous digital elements that occasionally become concrete and distinctive, and then once again melt back into a lava-like sea of digital noise.

tag: videoart
Tatsuhiro Kimijima
Tokyo. Japan

Project: The Magic Rabbit 2

"The Magic Rabbit 2" tells the story of a girl's desperate search for her ex-boy friend, who returned to Japan after their romantic relationship has failed.

Concept: Life is a kind of a dream experience.  Whatever we have enjoyed will never be seen again.  Everything composed us is decomposed.  You will become a memory down the load.
Having a view of life as something transient and empty is a process of changing your view around.
Getting awareness to who truly we are is not that which composes us, but it is awareness of the source you are originated from.
“The Magic Rabbit 2” illustrates a process of changing your vision around through a girl's view.

tag: videoart
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