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GLOBAL NET SOCIETY INSTITUTE has been formed as a globally networked organisation. It is private and not for profit, open, transparent and participative, independent and neutral, and will respond to the needs of the whole of society. It has executive capacity to develop its objectives and is open to collaboration with institutions, organisations and individuals from throughout the world working in the fields of the arts, culture, education, science, innovation, technology, and, in general, will all individuals and and sectors related to Digital Culture and the Net Society. Within the Institute, all sectors and collaborating institutions are represented.


Over 100 people representing all sectors innovative cultural, institutional, corporate and social. The first objective was the preparation of a report which was based the constitution of the Institute. The report was presented at the 3rd European Conference “Net Society”  in October / November 2011.


IGOR CAMPILLO Director Euskampus, Excellence Campus of Basque Country University

JOSEBA JAUREGIZAR General Director of Tecnalia, Technology Corporation

DIEGO LÓPEZ GARRIDO ExSecretary of State for European Union

JOSÉ MARÍA VILLATE General Director Innovation Basque Agency, Innobasque

LOURDES ARANA ExGeneral Director of FECYT. Spanish Foundation for Science & Technology Ministery of Science e Innovation

CARLOS CARNERO General Director of Alternativas Foudation. ExAmbassador in Special Mission for Projects in the Framework of the European Integration, Office of the Secretary of State for the EU

SUSANA DEL RÍO Doctor of Political Science, member of the Committee of Experts of the European Commission European citizenship and participation of civil society, member of the Club of Rome

MARTA MÚGICA Manager of Society & Communications Campaings Representation of European Commission at Spain

MONTSERRAT PARDO Manager Institutional Relations of Microsoft Spain

JUAN ANTONIO ARRIETA Lan Ekintza. City Council of Bilbao

MANUEL ZAHERA Promotion Director of COTEC Foundation

ANDONI GARTZIA General Director of Polo de Innovación Garaia

JUAN JOSÉ ÁLVAREZ Law Privated International, UPV/EHU & General Secretary of Eurobask

LAURA M. LECHUGA Nanobiosensors and Bioanalytic Applications Group Leader at CIN2 (CSIC-ICN) Research Center in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

MIKEL ASTORKIZA Director Euskaltel Foundation

DANIEL INNERARITY Director Globernance

ANTONIO FRANCO. Director MEIAC. Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo

ROBERTA BOSCO New Media Journalist

MIKEL LANDABASO Head of Unit, Thematic coordination, Innovation, Policy Coordination, DG REGIO, European Commission

MARIA BADIA I CUTCHET Committee on Culture and Education. European Parliament

MIGUEL JAQUE Managing Director of CENATIC

VÍCTOR GÓNZALEZ Director Next Limit Technologies

MARCEL.LÍ ANTUNEZ Artist Sistematurgia

EIDER GARDIAZABAL MEP. European Parliament

GARBIÑE HENRY Social Research, Deusto University Foundation

MARUJA GUTIÉRREZ DG Education & Culture. European Commission

IÑAKI DEL RÍO Director Innovation Institute Ibermática

REKA ROZSAVOLGYI Policy Analyst. DG REGIO. European Commission

ASUNCIÓN LÓPEZ-VARELA Coordinator Research Program SIIM. UCM

CATALIN SORIN IVAN Committee on Culture and Education. European Parliament

ÁNGELA MARTÍNEZ Director Department Audiovisuals & Multimedia CCCB

TANIA AEDO Director Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Mexico DF

BÁRBARA NAVARRO Director of Institution´s Relation of Google

PERE ESTUPINYÀ Knight Science Periodista en MIT

JAVIER GONZÁLEZ DE DURANA Director Museo Balenciaga

ROSINA GÓMEZ BAEZADirector LaBoral, Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

MENENE GRAS BALAGUER Director Culture & Exhibitions of Casa Asia

IGNACIO MOLINA Main Researcher ”Área Europa” of Real Instituto Elcano

MARTA MARÍN SÁNCHEZ Director Officer of Basque Goverment at Brussels

LUÍS MUÑOZ Chief of Area of Indicators of National Observatory of Telecommunications & for the Knowlegde Society Red. es. Ministery of Industry, Tourism & Commerce


CARLES PADRISSA Cofounder La Fura Dels Baus

JOSEP PERELLÓ Universidad Politécnica Cataluña. exDirector Science Programme Ars Santa Monica

DAAN ROOSEGAARDE Artist and Innovaor, Studio Roosegaarde; Interactive Art, Fashion and Architecture Rotterdam and Shanghai


XIMO LIZANA Artist robots

GRACIELA TAQUINI Artist and Curator Buenos Aires

JUAN GASCÓN Director de Contenidos Digitales de I+D+I de AETIC



ÀGUEDA GRAS-VELÁZQUEZ Manager Science´s Programs. European Schoolnet

ÍCARO MOYANO Director of Social Networks PRISA Noticias

JAVIER PANERA exCoordinator Museo Domus Artium 2002. DA2

FERNANDO DÍEZ. Director OTRI Deusto University

PAU ALSINA. Director Artnodes & Humanities UOC

ALESSANDRO LUDOVICO Editor in chief of Neural, new media art magazine. Italy

JOSU ARAMBERRI Coordinator Red Académica i2BASQUE

JOSÉ CARLOS MARIATEGUI Founder of  ATA, Board of  Ministery of  Culture of  Peru Goverment

KARMELE BARANDARIAN Museologist. Management networked museums, new audiences and sponsorship. San Telmo Museum, Area Development

CLAUDIA GIANNETTI Research, writer and curator

GERARDO MOSQUERA  Curator & independent art critic. General Curator of PHotoEspaña 2011/12/13

JON IPPOLITO Researcher University of Maine. Former curator Guggenheim New York

JOSEPH LEFÈVRE Director Creation & Residencies. Society for Arts & Technology (SAT) Montreal

JUAN ZAPATER Director BilbaoArte

MONIKA FLEISCHMANN Y WOLFGANG STRAUSS Research Artists, Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems, Germany

CHRISTIANE PAUL Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts at the Whitney Museum of American Art and the director of Intelligent Agent

ATSUSHI WAKIMOTO Curator manager CG-ARTS Society Tokyo. Japan

MARK ANDERSON Head of International Programmes, Glasgow Caledonian University


ANTONIO CARONIA NABA University. Milano. Italy

GUNALAN NADARAJAN Media Curator. USA / Singapur

NINA COLOSI Founder of  Streaming Museum. New York

STEPHEN KOVATS Curator & Director Trasmediale 2011. Berlin

ANNE NIGTEN Director The Patching Zone. Rotterdam

PAUL BROWN Independent Artist and Writer, UK and Australia. Visiting Professor of Art and Technology, the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics, Sussex University, UK, Australia Council Synapse Artist-in-Residence, the Centre for Intelligent System’s Research, Deakin University, Australia

ELA KAGEL Director of the Free Culture Incubator & Managing Partner of Supermarkt Berlin – Center for Art and Creative Media, Berlin

VICTORIA VESNA Media Artist &  Director of Art I Sci Center UCLA

MANUEL MEIJIDE Director ILUX Visual Technologies

YVES BERNARD Director iMAL. Center for Digital Cultures and Technology. Brussels

FRANCK BIANCHERI Director of LEAP/E2020 & one of the fathers of the ERASMUS Program

REBECA ALLEN Director Nokia Research Center Hollywood and Nokia Research Center Cambridge, US. Media Artist & Proffesor UCLA Design Media Arts, Director Research MIT works with Nicholas Negroponte OLPC/ MIT


ROY ASCOTT Artist and theorist. Founder and President of the Planetary Collegium, the Director of CAiiA-Hub, and Professor of Technoetic Art in the University of Plymouth


+ …

Support of Expert´s Group:

Diputación Foral de Bizkaia

Lan Ekintza. City Council of Bilbao

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