Global NET SOCIETY Institute



The vision of the Institute is to convert it in the driving force for the development of creative innovation and digital culture in society in the 21st century within Europe and across the world through the shared consideration and development of projects that will stimulate collaboration between technological, scientific and culturally innovative sectors with a positive impact on an sustainable, socially responsible economy and throughout society.


The mission of this network is to drive the capacity for innovation in all our societies through the articulation of mechanisms that will promote their effective participation and collaboration, with transparent, committed and responsible governance, in order to find new, durable solutions to the great challenges in Europe and the world with the new digital era of the Knowledge Society and Economy, including energy, climate change, the future of information and communication, the common digital space, the development of global digital culture etc. This has led to the need to develop a socially sustainable economy that is responsible towards the environment and its people.

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