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- Artificial Life
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Convocatoria internacional 2016

Zimmer, Tobias
Bullay. Alemania

Proyecto: Food Data — a generative design system for ceramic plates, based on a crumb analysis

»Food Data« is a series of seven ceramic plates on the topic of data tracking in everyday life. Minimalistic crumb-compositions that emerge on plates while eating every day, are analyzed by a self-written computer application, to bring digital data tracking to the domestic sector in an artistic way.

The software captures and counts remaining crumbs on the plates and uses the obtained information for the creation of different generative artworks. The algorithmically developed graphics are then engraved into raw ceramic plates with a laser cutter. Afterwards, the engraved plates are glazed and fired in a ceramics kiln. This way, a new and unique plate is created for each analyzed original crumb-composition, even if the same graphical algorithm is applied.

»Food Data« elevates an everyday occurrence to the realms of art, while taking usual methods of data tracking to the absurd. The project encourages to contemplate on everyday life, but at the same time reflects on the advancing technization as well as practices of (self-)surveillance, that don't even stop at the private ritual of eating.

tag: generative arts

Agata Ruchlewicz-Dzianach
Gdansk. Polonia
Proyecto: Miastofon 	   

Miastofon is a purely acoustic interactive online map. It is based only on the sound and all visual aspects are eliminated, even the cursor, making it a two-dimensional acoustic screen. To start own dérive, each user activates sounds around invisible map by moving invisible cursor. Miastofon is based on spontaneous space exploration and research of accidentally encountered often inconspicuous places around one concrete district of the city of Gdansk: Nowy Port. Walk routes were not fixed in advance, and were guided by randomness based on the idea of Situationism and derived from it psychogeography. The project was co-created with blind and partially sighted people from Co-op for the Visually-Impaired in Gdansk, Poland.

Miastofon is an experiment of superposition of subjective sound layers of city defined by each individual participant. These layers all together create multi-dimensional soundscape of the city. On the map there are two types of sounds that we can activate by wandering with invisible cursor: field recordings and recorded impressions of blind people and all encountered people willing to stop for a while for listening to the city. As a basic tool for exploration common collaborative walks were used.

The aim of project is to explore and discover the city soundscape: what is invisible and often forgotten, ephemeral and dynamic. To catch and save the fugitive and subjective dynamic layers of sound spaces. Inviting to the common active listening of the city, the project aims to arouse interest in multidimensionality of the city in the same time showing that the city is not only a set of buildings.

A project in collaboration with an artist Anna Wejkowska-Lipska, an experimental musician Niet F-n and a multimedia specialist Lukasz Dzianach

tag: geospatial storytelling


Matthieu Tercieux
Lyon France

Proyecto: You are here

“You are here... elsewhere” is a poetic installation, a monumental work of art based on interactive maps that caters to children and adults.

With the play of lights, the video projections, the pictograms and the geo- graphical coordinates, the human mapping turns into a diverting interactive playground.

In only a few steps, the journey takes you from your current position to the (whole) city, the world, the stars!

“You are here... elsewhere” is an interactive and participative installation at the crossroads of di erent video-graphic languages, such as documentaries, animation drawing, video games, interaction, etc. It is a hybrid form giving the viewer a look at public space as an interactive space.

e creation of “You are here...elsewhere” is based on a participative process, an artistic and territorial immersion conducted with the residents.

Before the installation, workshops are organized with the residents. It gives the opportunity to place the public in the heart of the creation. eir voices, stories, graphic and pictogram works are incorporated into the installation to create an intimate and participative piece of art.

“You are here... elsewhere” deals with the relation to the territory through vertical and horizontal projection spaces.

During the exhibition, the public is invited to walk on di erent interac- tive maps, drawn on the ground, and to explore them. ey are faced with screens that react to their movements in real time.

Immersed in a sound scape, the walkers-players create surprising anima- tions together: paintings, icons, testimonials and maps.

Little by little, we nd out di erent ways to approach the area, the light... and to play with them.

tag: geospatial storytelling

Mica Cabildo
Metro Manila. Philippines http://l-gau.com/index-02.html
Proyecto: L'Gau (The Wandering Island)

L'Gau (The Wandering Island) was originally conceptualized as a fictitious website of a beach resort on an imaginary island in disputed territory. It has since evolved into a narrative exploration of the (real and imagined) region.

tag: geospatial storytelling
Thomas Grogan
United Kingdom

Proyecto: Artificial Mesmerism

Halfway between gymnastic equipment and hobbyist furniture, Artificial Mesmerism is a collection of three objects that subvert mobile electronic devices in order to create mesmeric experiences of nature from the comfort of the living room. Each object invites its user to rest in front of a moving smart-phone or tablet which displays computer generated images of nature. The motion of these natural elements correspond to the device’s physical movement, stimulating an out-of-body experience. In the absence of body movement, mobility is simulated through motion sickness, initiated by a mismatch between vision and bodily sensation. Artificial Mesmerism investigates the use of motion sickness as a new form of exploration. By using virtuality as a substitute to physical mobility, these objects questions our contemporary relationship with nature in the digital age.

tag: geospatial storytelling

Westbrook, Jessica Parris and Trowbridge, Adam
Oak Park/Chicago, IL USA 

Project: Unattended Vaporware

UnattendedVaporware is the world’s largest, geolocation-based, augmented reality network of site-specific nodes that visualize inconclusive data. See UnattendedVaporware in every international airport on the planet. The app uses what are known as geo-fences, a virtual fence for a real world geographic area. The geo-fences rely on GPS satellites. Most smartphones and tablets have a GPS chip (although some use virtual location detection based on wireless node your device connects to). Our app checks the GPS coordinates of the device and only displays the luggage if you are in an international airport. It will not display the luggage if you are not in an international airport. It is a site-specific installation. We see Unattended Vaporware as an extension of what is known as a “software toy,” intersecting fields of design and games. We prefer our own term “critical playware.” This project can be configured for a local installation.

tag: geospatial storytelling
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