Networks & Digital Culture

III European Conference “Net Society: Networks & Social Innovation”

“It is an innovative spirit, ideas and creativity that move the world and allow societies to progress.”

  • MADRID. European Commission. Presentation in Spain 
  • BILBAO. Bizkaia Aretoa. Basque Country University. EUSKAMPUS 
  • BRUSSELS. European Parliament

Participants will include institutional, business and civil society representatives from cultural spheres throughout the EU and other international experts.

In this panorama of global uncertainties, at a cultural, political, social and social level, we have the duty and responsibility to propose imaginative initiatives that could lead to the development of new collaborative models in line with the needs of society in the 21st century. Our response to the economic crisis –that will not last– and the new paradigms and opportunities that the digital age offers all of society in Europe and the world should be based on the development of an environment of collaboration and multidisciplinarity between the art, science, technology and culturally innovative sectors.

III European Conference “NET SOCIETY: NETWORKS & SOCIAL INNOVATION” represents an opportunity to debate on the challenges of adapting the societies of Europe and the world to the new Global Net Society, cross-cutting, inclusive and participative, and the drive needed towards a stable strategic alliance between art, culture, education, science, innovation and technology, with the support of businesses and institutions and the participation of all society. This collaboration will contribute to the development of culture and the economy, responsible and socially sustainable, based on knowledge and cooperation.

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