Vision & Mission



The vision of GLOBAL NET SOCIETY is to become the key driver in the development of society in the 21st century: to be democratic, global, networked, cross-cutting, participative, altruistic and inclusive; to work in Spain, Europe and the world; to have a positive impact on culture through creativity, science and technology, on education, the knowledge economy, through shared reflection, the preparation of proposals and the development of trans-disciplinary projects; to stimulate collaboration between all players in society, offering resources and channels for their participation.


The mission of this organisation is to drive the innovation capacity of our societies and the strategic alliance between art/culture/education/science/innovation/technology through the articulation of mechanisms that promote their effective participation and collaboration through transparent, committed and responsible governance. The organisation will aim to find new long lasting solutions to the great challenges for Europe and the world, with proposals for the future in the new digital era of the Society and Economy of Knowledge. Areas such as peace, climate change, energy, the future of information and communication, the common digital space, the development of a global digital culture etc. will inevitably lead us towards an economy that is socially sustainable and environmentally responsible, and the complete development of the individual.

The institute will build up its efforts aimed at simplifying, organising, ordering and disseminating knowledge. It will design the architecture for a new Net Society, in collaboration with individuals, institutions and organisations at a regional, national, European and global level in order to drive and coordinate different economic, scientific and cultural sectors. Creativity and the innovation culture can and must be the driving force and the social reference for this change.

Website: GlobalNetSI


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