Group of Experts

GLOBAL NET SOCIETY INSTITUTE has been formed as a globally networked organisation. It is private and not for profit, open, transparent and participative, independent and neutral, and will respond to the needs of the whole of society. It has executive capacity to develop its objectives and is open to collaboration with institutions, organisations and individuals from throughout the world working in the fields of the arts, culture, education, science, innovation, technology, and, in general, will all individuals and and sectors related to Digital Culture and the Net Society. Within the Institute, all sectors and collaborating institutions are represented.

Over 100 people representing all sectors innovative cultural, institutional, corporate and social.

The first objective was the preparation of a report which was based the constitution of the Institute. The report was presented at the 3rd European Conference “Net Society”.


LANFRANCO ACETI Artist & Curator, Director of ISEA Istanbul

ALEX ADRIAANSENS Director V2 Rotterdam

TANIA AEDO Director of Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Mexico DF

MIKEL AGIRREGABIRIA Blogger, physicist and educator. Head of Educational Innovation in the Basque Government

ANNE_MARLENE ALBLAS MA of ARTS in Experience Economy. Project Manager at Developing Fyn, Denmark

JOSÉ RAMÓN ÁLCALA Director of MIDE. Castilla la Mancha´s University


REBECA ALLEN Director Nokia Research Center Hollywood and Nokia Research Center Cambridge, US. Media Artist & Proffesor UCLA Design Media Arts, Director Research MIT works con Nicholas Negroponte OLPC/ MIT

ESTEVE ALMIRALL Open Innovation, Smart Cities, Open Data, Living Labs & Technological Innovation


PAU ALSINA Director Artnodes & Humanities UOC

LILIAM AMARAL Coordinator of the International Patrimonial Education Network in the Ibero-American context. Director of the Open Museum BR Museums and Cities in Transformation. He has been part of the Fundação Bienal de São Paulo team

MARK ANDERSON Head of International Programmes, Glasgow Caledonian University

MARCEL.LÍ ANTUNEZ Artist Sistematurgia

JOSU ARAMBERRI Coordinator Red Académica i2BASQUE

LOURDES ARANA Former General Director of FECYT. Spanish Foundation for Science & Technology. Ministery of Science e Innovation


PRISCILA ARANTES Pesquisadora, curator and director of  Paço das Artes, Secretaria de Estado da Cultura de Sao Paulo, Brazil

JUAN ANTONIO ARRIETA Professional and former Director of Lan Ekintza-City Council of Bilbao

ROY ASCOTT Artist and theorist. Founder and President of the Planetary Collegium, the Director of CAiiA-Hub, and Professor of Technoetic Art in the University of Plymouth

MIKEL ASTORKIZA Director of Fundación Euskaltel

MARIA BADIA I CUTCHET Committee on International Trade. European Parliament (INTA)

KARMELE BARANDARIAN Museologist. Management networked museums, new audiences and sponsorship. San Telmo Museum, Area Development


LAURA BARRECA Curator and Director of Museo Cívico di Castelbuono. Palermo. Italy

RUBÉN BARRIOS Director of DeustoTech

MICHEL BAUWENS Founder of  Foundation for Peer-to-Peer  Alternatives

GISELLE BEIGUELMAN Artist, curator and Prof. FAU-USP. Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da Universidade de São Paulo

JORGE BEJARANO BARCO Curator of Special Projects. Education & Culture, MAMM, Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín


LAURA BELOFF Artist & Associate Professor Head of Section for Culture and Games IT University of Copenhagen

MONICA BELLO Head of Arts@CERN. Geneve Switzerland, Former Artistic Director of VIDA Art and Artificial Life international Awards

YVES BERNARD Director of iMAL. Center for Digital Cultures and Technology. Brussels

FRANCK BIANCHERI In memorium. Director of LEAP/E2020 & one of the fathers of the ERASMUS Program

JOLINE BLAIS Associate Professor of New Media at UMaine, co-directer of Still Water, and co-founder of Long Green House

ROBERTA BOSCO New Media Journalist

PAUL BROWN Independent Artist and Writer, UK and Australia. Visiting Professor of Art and Technology, the Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics, Sussex University, UK, Australia Council Synapse Artist-in-Residence, the Centre for Intelligent System’s Research, Deakin University, Australia

IGOR CAMPILLO Director Euskampus Foundation, Excellence Campus of Basque Country University

IGOR CALZADA PostDoctoral Research Fellow “Future of Cities”, University of Oxford (UK)


PIERE LUIGI CAPPUCI Founder & President of Noema, Proffesor of Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino & Director of Studies  T-Node PhD, University of Plymouth

CARLOS CARNERO General Director Fundación Alternativas. Former Ambassador in Special Mission for Projects in the Framework of the European Integration. Office of the Secretary of State for the EU

ANTONIO CARONIA In memorium NABA University. Milano. Italy

JAVIER CELAYA Founding member of Cultural Management and Communication Training,

GEORGINA CISQUELLA Journalist. Creation of the tv programme Cámara Abierta RTVE

NINA COLOSI Founder of Streaming Museum. New York

RICARDO DAL FARRA Associated Professor, Music | Hexagram Network for Research-Creation in Media Arts. Concordia University – Canada. Director, Electronic Arts Research and Experimentation Centre (CEIArtE), Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero. Argentina

BELÉN ELISA DÍAZ Director of the Master in Creative Economy, Cultural Management and Development of the Rey Juan Carlos University. Director of the Forum of Cities and Creative at Spain Territories

FERNANDO DE GARCILLÁN PRIETO Manager Director of Audiovisual Cluster of Madrid

NAGORE DE LOS RÍOS Director of Open Government and Internet Communication. IREKIA. Basque Government


MILAGROS DEL CORRAL President of Dell Expert Advisory Board in  SUCCEED Project of European Commision, former Director of National Library

SUSANA DEL RÍO Doctor of Political Science, member of the Committee of Experts of the European Commission European citizenship and participation of civil society, member of the Club of Rome

IÑAKI DEL RÍO Director Innovation Institute Ibermática

JAIME DEL VAL Philosopherartistactivist director Reverse and Metabody

XABIER DÍAZ Director of BTEK. Interpretation´s  Technology Center

FERNANDO DÍEZ Director OTRI. Deusto University

VICENTE C. DOMINGO President of Fundación Mundo 21. Director of


LOLA DOPICO Fashion Lab. Universidade de Vigo

EDNA DOS SANTOS International Consultant and Policy Advisor Creative Economy & Development. Set-up the Creative Economy Programme of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development – UNCTAD. Geneve

ANNA DUMITRIU Artist, researcher, founder & director of  The Institute of Unnecessary Research, Artist in Residence on the UK Clinical Research Consortium Project “Modernising Medical Microbiology” at The University of Oxford. Winner of  the Society for Applied Microbiology Communication Award

SUZANNE EGERAN Director of Egeran Gallery. Istanbul


ALEJANDRO ERRAÚN MFA in Computer Art, Academic Director of the Bachelor of Design degree in Multimedia and Animation and Videogames ORT University Uruguay. Director VisualE Comunicación.

PERE ESTUPINYÀ Knight Science Journalist in MIT


ROSELIE DE FARIA LEMOS Executive Coordinator Bienal Brasileira de Design Florianápolis. President of Centro Design Catarina.

JOAQUIN FARGAS Artist, Prof. and Artistic Director of BioArt Lab, Maimónides University, Buenos Aires

LORENA FERNÁNDEZ Director of Digital Identity of Deusto´s University

MONIKA FLEISCHMANN Y WOLFGANG STRAUSS Research Artists, Fraunhofer Institute for IntelligentAnalysis and Information Systems, Germany

DAN FORMOSA Ph.D. Product designer. Consultant in design and research, cofounder of 4B Collective e do Brainpool

TANIA FRAGA Architect and artist, Vice-president of Sao Paulo Institute of Mathematics and Arts


MALU FRAGOSO Coordinadora do Núcleo de Arte e Novos Organismos. Escola de Belas Artes. UFRJ para pesquisas em Artes, Hibridaçao e Biotelemática.  Río de Janeiro, Brazil

ANTONIO FRANCO Director MEIAC. Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporáneo

JUAN FREIRE Founding member and Innovation Manager for Barrabés Next, a consultancy specialising in innovation and the transformation of organisations

OSCAR GARCÍA PAÑELLA Doctor, consultant, producer and researcher on Gamificación and “Serious Games”. Universities: La Salle Almere, La Salle-URL, ESADE-URL, UOC, ERAM-UDG, etc.

EIDER GARDIAZABAL MEP. European Parliament

ANDONI GARTZIA General Director Polo de Innovación Garaia

JUAN GASCÓN Director of Digitals and I+D+I of AMETIC

MARCO MARIA GAZZANO Professor of History and Theory of Cinema, Electronic Arts and dell´Itermedialità. Roma Tre University

CLAUDIA GIANNETTI Research, Writer & New Media Curator

CARMEN GIL VROLIJK Artist, Director of Departamento de Arte de la Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá. Colombia

AIZPEA GOENAGA Former Director of ETXEPARE Basque Institute. Euskal Institutua

SUE GOLLIFER Director of ISEA International and member of DAC the ACM SIGGRAPH Arts Committee plus Chair of ACM Distinguished Arts Award

ROSINA GÓMEZ BAEZA Partner, Director YGBART. exDirector LaBoral, Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

VÍCTOR GÓNZALEZ Director Next Limit Technologies

JAVIER GONZÁLEZ DE DURANA Director Museo Balenciaga

MENENE GRAS BALAGUER Director Culture & Exhibitions of Casa Asia

ÀGUEDA GRAS-VELÁZQUEZ Manager Science´s Programs. European Schoolnet


MARUJA GUTIÉRREZ DG Education & Culture. European Commission

DIEGO GUTIÉRREZ Director of Graphics and Imaging Lab. Doctor of Engineering. Professor in the area of Software and Systems. University of Zaragoza

GARBIÑE HENRY Director of Deusto Social Innovation, Deusto University Foundation

TIFFANY HOLMES Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies. Professor, Department of Art and Technology Studies The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

DANIEL INNERARITY Professor of Philosophy and social policy, IKERBASQUE researcher at University of the Basque Country and Director of Globernance

JOSÉ RAMÓN INSA ALBA ThinkZAC, Zaragoza Activa

JON IPPOLITO Researcher University of Maine. Former curator Guggenheim New York

MIGUEL JAQUE Former Managing Director CENATIC

JOSEBA JAUREGIZAR General Director of Tecnalia, Technology Corporation

RONALD KAPAZ Head-design, Co-founder and CSO at Oz Strategy+Design. Sao Paulo. Brazil

FRANCISCA KELLER Director of ICC. Creativa y Cultural & Creative Innovation. Universidad Playa Ancha, Valparaíso. Chile

JEONG HAN KIM Artist, Professor and Director Art of Mind Center at Seoul Women University

ELA KAGEL Director of the Free Culture Incubator & Managing Partner of Supermarkt Berlin – Center for Art and Creative Media, Berlin

HONG_GEE KIM Director of BIKE, Biomedical Knowledge Engineering Laboratory, Seoul

ESA KOKKONEN Director The Baltic Institute of Finland

KEPA KORTA Director-Coordinator of the Office of Strategy Donostia / San Sebastián

STEPHEN KOVATS Curator & Former Director Trasmediale 2011. Berlin

MIKEL LANDABASO Head of Unit, Thematic coordination, Innovation, Policy Coordination, DG REGIO, European Commission


ROC LASECA PhD in Art Theory and Cultural Prospective. Director of Denkbilder´s Encounters

LAURA M. LECHUGA Nanobiosensors and Bioanalytic Applications Group Leader at CIN2 (CSIC-ICN) Research Center in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

JOSEPH LEFEVRE Director Creation & Residencies Society for Arts & Technology (SAT) Montreal


ROSANGELLA LEOTE Coordenadora do PPG em Artes- IA/UNESP Líder do GIIP (Grupo International e Interistitucional de Pesquisa em Convergências entre Arte, Cieência e Tecnologia) Sao Paulo, Brazil

DIEGO LEV Creative CEO of  Agencia Notable. Montevideo, Uruguay


FELIPE CÉSAR LODOÑO Dean of Universidad de Caldas. Coordinator of Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Manizales. Colombia

DIEGO LÓPEZ GARRIDO Former Secretary of State for European Union

ÁLVARO LÓPEZ GOIKOETXEA TVE Correspondent in Brussels

ASUNCIÓN LÓPEZ-VARELA Coordinator Research Program SIIM. UCM

PENNY LOW Founder & President of Social Innovation Park. Ltd. Singapore


ALESSANDRO LUDOVICO Editor in chief of Neural, new media art magazine. Italy


Prof MUGENDI K M`RITHAA President-Elect ICSID. International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. Coordinator: Postgraduate Studies in Design. Faculty of Informatics and Design. Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Cap Town

AMANDA McDONALD CROWLEY Independent curator/ cultural worker at the intersection of art, culture and technology

JOSÉ CARLOS MARIATEGUI Founder of  ATA, Board of  Ministery of Culture of Perú

MARTA MARÍN SÁNCHEZ Basque Goverment. Brussels

ÁNGELA MARTÍNEZ Director Department Audiovisuals & Multimedia CCCB

LUCÍA MARTÍNEZ ODRIOZOLA Journalist, Teacher of Department of Journalism II  of UPV-EHU, founder member of Colectivo Editor Pikara Magazine. Former President of Association Journalism of Euskadi

VICENTE MATALLANA Director of LaAgencia

MANUEL MEIJIDE Director ILUX Visual Technologies

CRISTINA MIRANDA Medi@ccions#Digital Culture Research Group. Internet Interdisciplinary Institute/ IN3, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya/ UOC. University of Basque country/ Euskal Herriko Unibertisatatea, UPV/EHU

IGNACIO MOLINA Main Researcher ”Área Europa” of Real Instituto Elcano

JORGE MONTAÑA Industrial designer, specializing in furniture design and participatory design, international consultant on these issues. Founder of the Latin American Network Design Editor, and blogs y Colombia

GERARDO MOSQUERA Curator and independent art critic. General Curator of PHotoEspaña 2011/12/13 editions

JEFF MOTTLE President/CEO CGarchitect Digital Media Corp.

ÍCARO MOYANO Director of Social Networks PRISA Noticias

MARTA MÚGICA Manager of Society & Communications Campaings. Representation of European Commission at Spain

LUÍS MUÑOZ Former Chief of Area of Indicators of National Observatory of Telecommunications & for the Knowlegde Society Red. es. Ministery of Industry, Tourism & Commerce

GUNALAN NADARAJAN New Media curator. Singapoure

BÁRBARA NAVARRO Director of Institutional Relations of Google

EDUARDO NAVAS Artist, Curator, Media Theorist

ANNE NIGTEN Director The Patching Zone. Rotterdam

RAÚL NIÑO BERNAL Political Science´s Doctor. Professor of Departament of Estética, Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño. Universidad Pontificia Javeriana. Integrante del grupo de investigación Estética y Nuevas Tecnologías


GUTO NÓBREGA Coordinator of Núcleo de Arte e Novos Organismos. Escola de Belas Artes. UFRJ pesquisas em Artes, Hibridaçao e Biotelemática.  Río de Janeiro, Brazil

SANTIAGO ORTIZ Data scientist, entrepreneur, developer of interactive data visualization. Founder of Moebio Labs

ALBERTO ORTIZ DE ZÁRATE Former coordinator at Open Data Euskadi (Basque Govenment). Now he is an Open Government Senior Consultant for the World Bank, and CEO at


DENIZ OVA Director Istanbul Design Biennial

CARLES PADRISSA Cofounder La Fura Dels Baus

JESÚS PALACIOS Writer & cinema critic

GORKA J. PALAZIO Full professor, Audiovisual Technology, University of the Basque Country. Google, Apple and Free Software developer. eLearning expert

JAVIER PANERA Former Coordinator Museo Domus Artium 2002. DA2

MONTSERRAT PARDO Manager Institutional Relations of Microsoft Spain


PHILIPPE PASQUIER Associate Professor. Director of Metacreation Lab: Generative Systems. Director ISEA2015 Vancouver, School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

GABRIEL PATROCINIO PhD in Design Policies, Cranfield University. Coordenador Laboratorio de Politicas de Design. IFHT / Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

CHRISTIANE PAUL New Media Arts Curator. Whitney Museum of American Art

CARMEN PEÑAFIEL Journalist, Professor and Researcher . Director of the Master in Social Communication, University of the Basque Country and member of the Board of the Spanish Association of Communication Research (AE -IC )

JOSEP PERELLÓ Politecnic University of Catalonia. Exdirector Science Programs Ars Santa Monica

ROSA PÉREZ Director programs: Fluido Rosa (Radio3) & Taller de Arte (Radio Clásica). Rne

JULIO PÉREZ Former Secretary of State for Justice, Current Deputy Mayor of city hall of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

VLADIN PETROV Founding partner of VYONYX

PETER PLANTEC Digital Artist, Contributing Editor StudioDaily, Co-founder 5D, Co-chair Mundos Digitales

EMMA QUINN East London Business Alliance

GREG RIVERA Founder of ArtScience Park

CLEOMAR ROCHA Coordinator of Media Lab, UFG, Brazil

LUCIANO RODRIGUEZ ALCALÁ Consultor and CoFounder of Creatividad Ética. Argentina

DAAN ROOSEGAARDE Artist and Innovator,  Studio Roosegaarde; Interactive Art, Fashion and Architecture Rotterdam and Shanghai

SCOTT ROSS Digital Pioneer. Founder Digital Domain Films. Was General Manager of Lucasfilm’s Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) Member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (OSCARS) and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (EMMYS)

ELENA ROSSI Independent curator, consultant at MAXXI. Rome

REKA ROZSAVOLGYI Policy Analyst. DG REGIO. European Commission

PEDRO RUIZ ALDASORO Former Creativity Zentrum President and Member of the Board of the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome

ALEJANDRO SACRISTÁN Director of La Voz de la Ciencia. ACT Journalist

RUBÉN SALAZAR Cofounder of SilverSpace

ALBERTO SARAIVA Curator Departament Visual Arts OI FUTURO. Brazil

KOLDO SARATXAGA Humanist of the XXI century, creator and promoter of ner Group, composed of successful organizations based on people, with customer focus and efficiency, together for the achievement of a Just and Sustainable Human Development

MARIBEL SERRANO Former Director Instituto Cervantes Nápoles. Former Manager Director SEACEX

MARIEKE SHOOTS Tilburg University. Managing Director Tilburg Social Innovation Lab

OLGA SHISHKO Director of MediaArtLab. Moscow


CATALIN SORIN IVAN Committee on Culture and Education. European Parliament

JW STELLA International Associate Curator of Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modernt Art. Director of JWSTELLA Arts Collectives

GERFRIED STOCKER Director of Ars Electronica

SOFÍA SUÁREZ BONILLA Assistant Director of the International Film Festival of Cali. Director Visual Arts. Art Architecture Design Department. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali

GRACIELA TAQUINI Artist and Curator Buenos Aires

JAVIER TEJADA Director of  UBX Laboratory. National Reserarch Adward

BENJAMIN TEJERINA Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology 2 at the University of the Basque Country and Director of the Center of Studies on Collective Identity

DOREEN TOUTIKIAN Director and cofounder of MENA Desing Research Center (Middle East and North Africa) and Director of Beirut Design Week



TINA VELHO Coordinador do Núcleo de Arte e Tecnologia, NAT, Parque Lage, Río de Janeiro, Brazil


SUZETE VENTURELLI Artist, writer and curator of Universidade de Brasilia-IdA

VICTORIA VESNA Artist & Director of Art I Sci Center UCLA

JOSÉ MARÍA VILLATE General Director Innovation Basque Agency, Innobasque

ATSUSHI WAKIMOTO Curator manager CG-ARTS Society Tokyo. Japan

YANNICK WARNIER Chairman of Chamilo

PETER WEIBEL Chairman and CEO, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

MANUEL ZAHERA Promotion Director COTEC

JUAN ZAPATER Director BilbaoArte


CHADI ZENEDDINE Resident Filmmaker, Programmer and Instructor Doha Film Institute


KHALDOUN ZREIK Professor Hypermedia Department, University Paris 8 and codirector of CAC.5


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Support of Expert´s Group:

Diputación Foral de Bizkaia

Lan Ekintza. City Council of Bilbao

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