Today, with a background of global uncertainties, we have an extraordinary opportunity to imagine and propose the creation of a new organizational network, born from the will of people and organizations across the world, based on the strategic, stable global alliance between the creative, cultural, educational, scientific, innovation, technology and other sectors emerging in society… cooperate for the sustainable development of the Knowledge Society and Knowledge Economy for all.

To translate thoughts into real actions that will improve the conditions of life, culturally and economically, within Spain, Europe and for all humanity. This could be our great challenge.

Today, this dream has turned into a reality. GLOBAL NET SOCIETY INSTITUTE has been born as a not for profit, globally networked organisation. It is open to collaboration with all those individuals, institutions and organisations of a creative or innovative nature throughout the world.

Our sincerest thanks go to all those who have dedicated their valuable time over the last few years to debating how our societies can adapt to global technological revolution, to the changes in cultural and economic paradigms and their repercussions in all our societies. We would especially like to thank our Group of Experts, as collaborators in the creation of this institute.

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