European Digital Space

II European Conference “Strategies to the development of European Digital Space”

Our current everyday lives reflect a panorama of global, political, social and economic uncertainties and therefore raises the need to respond with imaginative initiatives that might help to develop new models in response to the economic downturn and the new paradigms and opportunities offered by the digital age.

In order to ensure the success of cultural and economic exchange, that is also ecological and sustainable, it is necessary to establish channels to optimise the participation of all of society in the construction of a European Society of Knowledge, one that is innovative and creative, multicultural, where social inclusion and gender equality are cornerstones. The only way to establish stable alliances that offer novel responses to the challenges facing Europe within a globalised world will be through the coordination of policies of the 27 member states and the committed backing of quality education, incentivising and promoting creativity, research and innovation culture without sexual, economic or racial discrimination and the cross-cutting relationship between all sectors that link up our societies.

The development of the European Digital Space as a response to the current needs of society will drive the Knowledge Economy within Europe at the vanguard of ideas and proposals for the future, sustained by education, research and creativity. Digital culture that is innovative, inclusive, socially responsible and the collective effort will consolidate the influence and leadership of the European Union in the equilibrium of the world.


  • Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao
  • European Commission, Representation at Spain. Madrid
  • European Parliament. Brussels

web: II European Conference “Strategies to the development of European Digital Space”




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