Innovative Mindset & Creative Ecosystems

International Conference Global Net Society: INNOVATIVE MINDSET & CREATIVE ECOSYSTEMS

  • MADRID. European Commission Representation in Spain
  • BILBAO. Alhóndiga-Bilbao
  • BRUSSELS. European Parliament

How much of the intelligence, knowledge, ideas, projects, resources, and innovation that we possess is not sufficiently exploited? In our current times, full of uncertainty, we believe it is of utmost priority to set up cross-disciplinary networks between culturally innovative sectors that will facilitate knowledge exchange and proactive collaboration between people, business and institutions with the aim of producing new ideas within new contexts and ecosystems.

We can take advantage of these changing times in order to set up really innovative initiatives, applying substantial changes and banishing inertia from our methods, making a positive about-face and speaking confidently of change. We need to face up to the global scenario by committing to ideas and projects that drive the sustainable economy based on owl edge and cultural, scientific and technological development.

We can respond to the demands of society with united, responsible support initiatives, with the financing of good ideas and innovative, cultural, science and technology projects, with the setting up of a transparent, collaborative media campaign that will demonstrate the commitment of the main sectors to stimulate creative and innovative capacity within our society.

The principal aim of the international conference, “GLOBAL NET SOCIETY: Innovative mindset and creative ecosystems” is to present various proposals that stimulate:

* Confidence and belief in ourselves is more urgent than ever if we want to overcome the crisis by learning from it. Our society is in need of projects and ideas that pave the way towards a world of expectation, confident in our ideas to overcome the hard times of the present and construct a future full of hope.

* Collaboration between institutions and business and social organisations with the aim of launching a campaign full of enthusiasm and confidence aimed at all society, underlining the social commitment of the main cultural, scientific, technological, political and economic sectors.

* Innovative mindsets and stable creative ecosystems so that projects and ideas can flourish, with clear repercussions in the knowledge economy, sustainable and socially responsible through the collaboration of the sectors described above; by contributing sufficient funding to launch a programme to drive, complement and finance innovative projects and ideas from cultural entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists that have the potential to grow into a company, product or service. The projects will have an overarching and clear aim to encourage everyone, especially young people, to adopt a vocation and a creative mindset for innovation in science and technology and the ecosystems necessary for their development.


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