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ARTECHMEDIA International Forum. Cordoba “Art, Science, Technology, Innovation, Society”

Great changes have taken place recently and have permeated all our lives, constructing a society fuelled by intelligent communication systems that will allow us to access precise information at home, in the car, while we’re walking etc. The technology that is being created tends to ubiquitous and non-intrusive.

These changes have also led to a series of concerns as well as cultural challenges. In order to make out the direction in which we are heading, and the paths that have opened up through new technologies in art and society as a whole, in this future that has become our present, there is a need for debate and reflection from different perspectives, in order to take stock of the impact that it is going to have on our polyhedric reality. Only in this way will we be able to feel we are playing an active role in this global change, designing and directing the process, not just mere receptors of its contents.

ARTECHMEDIA International Forum. Cordoba

Cordoba will be the venue for the forum for art, creativity, and innovation with the participation of institutions and all sectors related to art and new media, innovation, technology and digital culture, both nationally and internationally.

The main objective of the call for an International Forum is to debate and articulate proposals and their content and to develop a blueprint for Experimental Centres for artistic and creative production, as well as the Strategic Plan for the Development of Arts and Digital Culture, leading to New platforms and contents for art, the construction of the Society of knowledge and the participation of citizens in cultural politics. The talks and debates will aim to design structures and objectives. At the same time there will be presentations and debates on proposals that showcase the most innovative ideas and creations on the international stage.

Main objectives:

Presentation and debate of the proposals that promote content for the Experimental Centres and the new platforms for the 21st century and the Strategic Plan for the Development of Arts and Digital Culture.

To establish guidelines for the collaboration and exchange of ideas and projects with Experimental Centres throughout the world.

In the Forum, to determine the upcoming initiatives and an agenda for the development of those organisational and operational aspects needed for dissemination and collaboration with other institutions: platforms for digital knowledge, TV channel on the Internet, exchange programme etc.

The Forum link up participants and collaborators with institutions and technology, art and social organisations throughout the world through the ARTECHMEDIA platform. It will facilitate efficient, reliable partner searches and collaborations among all sectors.

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