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“There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will. ”Albert Einstein

This Project, whose title takes its inspiration from the famous scientific formula, is directed at all European institutions, organisations and sectors involved in creativity, science, research, innovation, technology, tourism and communications, and, of course, with European society as a whole. It offers a framework for the participation of all citizens of the EU committed to constructing and promoting the Knowledge Society in a world that is intercultural, caring, democratic and environmentally friendly.

The project develops a metaphor for the racial, cultural and idiomatic nature of our conflictive society, because it is not identity but rather our “otherness” that distinguishes us, that makes us recognisable to one another. We are moved to get to know the other within ourselves, to relate to each other in a creative and reciprocally revealing way. It is a homage to cultural diversity, to thought, the unstoppable desire of the human species to tell stories, to create ideas, to dream… by communicating with one another and by sharing.

Europe is a group of cities, a pedestrian continent without frontiers or artificial obstacles where each street, each town, forms part of a Great Metropolis that we could call Citizens’ Europe. An accumulation of cultural riches… And this accumulation builds up ideologies, customs, ways of living, of thinking, of creating and innovating, of eating… in a common space of shared values and a drive towards technological innovation and creativity.

ICT allows us to open doors and windows into Europe and the world, to enter in the everyday of others, to share experiences, dreams and ideals, to experience living in all cities at once.

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