International Conference Global Net Society:


  • MADRID. 18th October. European Commission Representation in Spain
  • BILBAO. 30th October. Alhóndiga-Bilbao
  • BRUSELAS. 12th November. European Parliament

How much of the intelligence, knowledge, ideas, projects, resources, and innovation that we possess is not sufficiently exploited? In our current times, full of uncertainty, we believe it is of utmost priority to set up cross-disciplinary networks between culturally innovative sectors that will facilitate knowledge exchange and proactive collaboration between people, business and institutions with the aim of producing new ideas within new contexts and ecosystems.

We can take advantage of these changing times in order to set up really innovative initiatives, applying substantial changes and banishing inertia from our methods, making a positive about-face and speaking confidently of change. We need to face up to the global scenario by committing to ideas and projects that drive the sustainable economy based on owl edge and cultural, scientific and technological development.

We can respond to the demands of society with united, responsible support initiatives, with the financing of good ideas and innovative, cultural, science and technology projects, with the setting up of a transparent, collaborative media campaign that will demonstrate the commitment of the main sectors to stimulate creative and innovative capacity within our society.

The principal aim of the international conference, “GLOBAL NET SOCIETY: Innovative mindset and creative ecosystems” is to present various proposals that stimulate:

* Confidence and belief in ourselves is more urgent than ever if we want to overcome the crisis by learning from it. Our society is in need of projects and ideas that pave the way towards a world of expectation, confident in our ideas to overcome the hard times of the present and construct a future full of hope.

    * Collaboration between institutions and business and social organisations with the aim of launching a campaign full of enthusiasm and confidence aimed at all society, underlining the social commitment of the main cultural, scientific, technological, political and economic sectors.

    * Innovative mindsets and stable creative ecosystems so that projects and ideas can flourish, with clear repercussions in the knowledge economy, sustainable and socially responsible through the collaboration of the sectors described above; by contributing sufficient funding to launch a programme to drive, complement and finance innovative projects and ideas from cultural entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists that have the potential to grow into a company, product or service. The projects will have an overarching and clear aim to encourage everyone, especially young people, to adopt a vocation and a creative mindset for innovation in science and technology and the ecosystems necessary for their development.


Networks & Digital Culture

3 European Conference. “Net Society: Networks & Social Innovation” 2011
It is an innovative spirit, ideas and creativity that move the world and allow societies to progress.”
  • MADRID. European Commission Representation in Spain
  • BILBAO. Bizkaia Aretoa. Basque Country University. EUSKAMPUS
  • BRUSELAS. European Parliament

Participants will include institutional, business and civil society representatives from cultural spheres throughout the EU and other international experts.

In this panorama of global uncertainties, at a cultural, political, social and social level, we have the duty and responsibility to propose imaginative initiatives that could lead to the development of new collaborative models in line with the needs of society in the 21st century. Our response to the economic crisis –that will not last– and the new paradigms and opportunities that the digital age offers all of society in Europe and the world should be based on the development of an environment of collaboration and multidisciplinarity between the art, science, technology and culturally innovative sectors.

The 3 EUROPEAN CONFERENCE “NET SOCIETY: NETWORKS & SOCIAL INNOVATION” represents an opportunity to debate on the challenges of adapting the societies of Europe and the world to the new Global Net Society, cross-cutting, inclusive and participative, and the drive needed towards a stable strategic alliance between art, culture, education, science, innovation and technology, with the support of businesses and institutions and the participation of all society. This collaboration will contribute to the development of culture and the economy, responsible and socially sustainable, based on knowledge and cooperation.

web: 3 European Conference

European Digital Space

2 Congreso Europeo. “Strategies for the development of European Digital Space”

Our current everyday lives reflect a panorama of global, political, social and economic uncertainties and therefore raises the need to respond with imaginative initiatives that might help to develop new models in response to the economic downturn and the new paradigms and opportunities offered by the digital age.

In order to ensure the success of cultural and economic exchange, that is also ecological and sustainable, it is necessary to establish channels to optimise the participation of all of society in the construction of a European Society of Knowledge, one that is innovative and creative, multicultural, where social inclusion and gender equality are cornerstones. The only way to establish stable alliances that offer novel responses to the challenges facing Europe within a globalised world will be through the coordination of policies of the 27 member states and the committed backing of quality education, incentivising and promoting creativity, research and innovation culture without sexual, economic or racial discrimination and the cross-cutting relationship between all sectors that link up our societies.

The development of the European Digital Space as a response to the current needs of society will drive the Knowledge Economy within Europe at the vanguard of ideas and proposals for the future, sustained by education, research and creativity. Digital culture that is innovative, inclusive, socially responsible and the collective effort will consolidate the influence and leadership of the European Union in the equilibrium of the world.


  • Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao
  • European Commission, Representation at Spain. Madrid
  • European Parliament. Brussels

web: 2 European Conference

Social Innovation

II International Conference ARTECHMEDIA  “Innovation, Networks & New Media at the Culture & Social Development”

The conference will serve as a meeting point for art, creativity, and innovation. It will also raise institutional, business and social awareness, nationally and internationally, of the challenges and threats that new information and communication technologies bring for the construction of a Knowledge Society that will define the future of Spain and the whole world. It is directed to institutional representatives within the art world, technology business, university, research centres, communication media, foundations and other social organisations.

The main objective of the call for the II International Conference is to debate and articúlate proposals that will instigate the implementation and awareness of new media and the development of networks that will drive the alliance between Art, Science, Innovation, Technology and Institutions as a vehicle for integration and social development.


  • Barcelona Activa
  • Casa Asia

web: II International Conference ARTECHMEDIA 09

Citizens Participation

I European Conference “Creativity, Innovation. Digital Culture and Citizens Participation in the Construction of Europe”

This European Conference will be held in a direct response to the aims of the Spanish Presidency of the EU during the first half of 2010 and the objectives of the “European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009” for promoting creativity and the different areas of innovation in the various sectors of human activity in order to help equip Spain and the EU for the challenges and opportunities that new technologies and their application in art, science, and innovation have offered us throughout the world.

The conference is directed towards the policy makers at a national, European and international level, civic organisations in the fields of culture, art, education, businesses involved in technological innovation and especially young people and the general public.

  • Strategies for the Development of Arts, Innovation and Cultural Diversity at the Knowlegde Society
  • Social Networks, Intercultural and Citizens Participation in the Construction of Europe

Venue: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao 

web: 1 European Conference

Art, Science, Technology

ARTECHMEDIA International Forum – Cordoba 0.8 “Art, Science, Technology, Innovation, Society”

Great changes have taken place recently and have permeated all our lives, constructing a society fuelled by intelligent communication systems that will allow us to access precise information at home, in the car, while we’re walking etc. The technology that is being created tends to ubiquitous and non-intrusive.

These changes have also led to a series of concerns as well as cultural challenges. In order to make out the direction in which we are heading, and the paths that have opened up through new technologies in art and society as a whole, in this future that has become our present, there is a need for debate and reflection from different perspectives, in order to take stock of the impact that it is going to have on our polyhedric reality. Only in this way will we be able to feel we are playing an active role in this global change, designing and directing the process, not just mere receptors of its contents.

ARTECHMEDIA International Forum – Cordoba 0.8

Cordoba will be the venue for the forum for art, creativity, and innovation with the participation of institutions and all sectors related to art and new media, innovation, technology and digital culture, both nationally and internationally.

The main objective of the call for an International Forum is to debate and articulate proposals and their content and to develop a blueprint for Experimental Centres for artistic and creative production, as well as the Strategic Plan for the Development of Arts and Digital Culture, leading to New platforms and contents for art, the construction of the Society of knowledge and the participation of citizens in cultural politics. The talks and debates will aim to design structures and objectives. At the same time there will be presentations and debates on proposals that showcase the most innovative ideas and creations on the international stage.

Main objectives:

Presentation and debate of the proposals that promote content for the Experimental Centres and the new platforms for the 21st century and the Strategic Plan for the Development of Arts and Digital Culture.

To establish guidelines for the collaboration and exchange of ideas and projects with Experimental Centres throughout the world.

In the Forum, to determine the upcoming initiatives and an agenda for the development of those organisational and operational aspects needed for dissemination and collaboration with other institutions: platforms for digital knowledge, TV channel on the Internet, exchange programme etc.

The Forum link up participants and collaborators with institutions and technology, art and social organisations throughout the world through the ARTECHMEDIA platform. It will facilitate efficient, reliable partner searches and collaborations among all sectors.

web: International Forum ARTECHMEDIA – CORDOBA 0.8

Art & New Media

The First International Conference ARTECHMEDIA “Art & New Media”

The First International ARTECHMEDIA Conference, has been set up in order to reflect upon and analyse questions currently being raised about art and new technological media within an international context. In a globalised world, dominated by communication technologies, with countless questions concerning a future that affects our everyday life, it is essential to make this analysis and to consider, from different perspectives, how our polyhedral, altered reality is being effected by the widespread use of new technology as a support for new ideas and possibilities that are almost infinite. We need to investigate how this occurs in different societies and cultures and to propose models that may go beyond what has been known until now. The Conference will focus on three clearly complementary regions: national, international (European, Asian) and Ibero-American.


  • Ministery of Culture
  • Cervantes Institute
  • Casa América

Web: I International Conference ARTECHMEDIA. “Art & New Media”

Encounters 9 museums

Encounters ARTECHMEDIA 06

Is a Meeting of Artists, Museum Directors, Art Centres, Media Lab, Thinkers, Curators, Gallery owners, Collectors, Cultural Agents, Politicians and Society, in many cases, confused by the methods and concepts which are so different from the traditional ways of producing of art, its exhibition, collecting, and way of contemplating.

  • Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Madrid
  • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Unión Fenosa. A Coruña
  • Presidencia Gobierno de Canarias. Tenerife
  • Museo Da2. Salamanca
  • Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo. Artium. Vitoria
  • BilbaoArte. Bilbao
  • Centro Párraga. Murcia
  • Es Baluard Musei de Art Comtemporani. Palma. Mallorca
  • Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona, CCCB. Barcelona

web: Encounters ARTECHMEDIA

Project: emc27

“There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will”. Albert Einstein

This Project, whose title takes its inspiration from the famous scientific formula, is directed at all European institutions, organisations and sectors involved in creativity, science, research, innovation, technology, tourism and communications, and, of course, with European society as a whole. It offers a framework for the participation of all citizens of the EU committed to constructing and promoting the Knowledge Society in a world that is intercultural, caring, democratic and environmentally friendly.

The project develops a metaphor for the racial, cultural and idiomatic nature of our conflictive society, because it is not identity but rather our “otherness” that distinguishes us, that makes us recognisable to one another. We are moved to get to know the other within ourselves, to relate to each other in a creative and reciprocally revealing way. It is a homage to cultural diversity, to thought, the unstoppable desire of the human species to tell stories, to create ideas, to dream… by communicating with one another and by sharing.

Europe is a group of cities, a pedestrian continent without frontiers or artificial obstacles where each street, each town, forms part of a Great Metropolis that we could call Citizens’ Europe. An accumulation of cultural riches… And this accumulation builds up ideologies, customs, ways of living, of thinking, of creating and innovating, of eating… in a common space of shared values and a drive towards technological innovation and creativity.

ICT allows us to open doors and windows into Europe and the world, to enter in the everyday of others, to share experiences, dreams and ideals, to experience living in all cities at once.

web: emc 27 europe




“At times of crisis, imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein Is it a bird…? A new planet…? A computer virus…? It is a vitamin that brings the nutrients needed to develop the imagination, Annual dose is recommended.

International Meeting for all sectors related to art and digital culture, for ideas that will allow us to design the future of technological innovation. It will embrace contemporary artistic expression related to innovation and new media: music, performance, urban art, installations and exhibitions of electronic art, open tech, workshops, conferences, roundtables, digital cinema, 3d animation… It is aimed at the art world, institutions, businesses and/or participants from the different technology sectors, from multimedia art and the general public. It combines both recreational and educational aspects of art and culture within the framework of formal presentations and workshops.It aims to strengthen the linkage between Art, Science, Innovation, Technology and Business in order to construct a Knowledge Society for all.

International meeting:

  • Institutional representatives of culture and innovation, national and international.
  • Professionals of culturals industries.
  • Artists, agents, curators…
  • Directors of museum, art centers , galleries, development and organizers of festivals, cultural and musical events.
  • Thinkers of the technological company and of the knowledge. Scientific disclosure and transfer of know-how.
  • Professionals of the record industry, theatrical, sonorous art and performance, of digital movies, animation and videogames of multinational and independent companies.
  • Professionales of new technology distribution companies.
  • Manufacturers, importing and distributors of software and hardware and data processing applications.
  • Teaching staff of artistic schools, universities.
  • Generic press and specialized in areas of the art, culture, data processing, multimedia and Internet.
  • Professionals of marketing, dvertaisy and fashion.
  • Multimedia and graphic designers
  • Other sectors and the public in general.

Institutions and organizations invited

Ministery of Culture; Ministery of Industry, Comerce and Tourism; Ministery of Innovation and Science; Ministeryof Education; Ministery of Foreing; Instituto Cervantes; Casa de América; Casa Asia; Casa Arabe; Regional Communities; Locals Authoryties; Museum´s Asociations; Visual Artist´s Asociations; Asociations of Art Critic; of Art Gallery; of Rights; Universities; Mass media; Corporation´s Foundations and Asociations of Tecnologic Companies; Research Centers…

Sectors invited

  • Institutional.
  • Artistic, cultural and university.
  • Research Centers and productions.
  • Technologic Companies and corporated.
  • Foundations and organizatios in relation with art and culture.
  • Mass media.
  • Newtkworks of production and communication digital programs.
  • Observatories and Arts Councils.
  • International Intitution´s Committes.


  • Auditorio Adán Matín. S/C de Tenerife
  • TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes




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