Welcome to ARTECHMEDIA. Thank you for your interest. Welcome to our website.

ARTECHMEDIA is an internacional organisation, its founders and directors are the artists Montse Arbelo & Joseba Franco. The main aim are to consolidated the Alliance between Art, Culture, Education, Science, Technology, Innovation, Enterprise and Institutions for development of Digital Culture, the sustainable economy based on Knowledge and the Network´s Global  Society.

The main projects promoted by ARTECHMEDIA, as well as the organization and management of meetings, conferences and festivals was the creation of Technological Centres for Knowledge and the Global Net Society Institute. We are committed to innovation in all sectors of human activity and in the development of the Net Society in the 21st century that will be global, cross-disciplinary, creative, participative, altruistic and inclusive.

We hope that our objectives and proposals will be of interest.

We invite you to collaborate with us.


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